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I discovered this Rosè in 2013. It captured me immediately. I dislike "lightweight"  Rosè, worst is the Zinfandel from California, but also the Cerasuolo from Italian's Abbruzzi is not for me.  This wine is different.  It is strong with 15% alcohol, but nevertheless perfectly harmonious.  With food it is  a kind of swiss "knife" wine.  But I can simply have it when I want to have a drink before dinner.

It goes well with spicy foods and dishes , with nuts as seasonings——such as Sichuan food,the wine will contribute complexity to the dual,and you can admire the structure better with food.  also pairing this wine with crab is a genius touch!

Astonishing stable quality through different vintages. And a price/quality  ratio hit!


......In the nose and the mouth

What you can do with it

Seduce a man

mhh, very special selection

thinking about future life

forgetting sorrows, getting drunk

inviting your boss for dinner

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This Rosè wine is 100% from "Gamay del Trasimeno" autoctonous Grapes. "Gamay del Trasimeno" is an autoctonous grape, which grows only around Lago Trasimeno in Umbria. It is not related to the French Gamay, but genetically part of the Grenache Group.