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German Carbonara

German Carbonara

Recommended Wines: Montefalco Rosso
A good strong robust red wine! I had Rosso di Montefalco and was happy.

Deep fried Lamb cutlets

Deep fried Lamb cutlets

Recommended Wines: Nuricante Umbria Grechetto, Assisi Young, Martavello
I drank Tili Young and it fitted well. Tili Young is strong but a bit spicy and youthfull.  I would not have a too noble red with this dish.   I really can imagine a good structured white as the Nuricante. And obviously also my Martavello Swiss Knife would fit.

Ricotta wrapped in ham and lonzino

Ricotta wrapped in ham and lonzino

Recommended Wines: Rosso di Spica, Corio Rosso del Umbria
Wine, I am trying "bag in box" from Palazzone, which is the most nobel producer around. I want to try if "bag in box" is an alternative to producing an empty bottle every day. Well, the red is very decent and pairs also with the cured meat, but I still would want something more expressive.

Zucchini plague

Zucchini plague

Dish: In summer, zucchini can become a plague, if you are cultivating them. They produce enormous amounts- and frankly, they are excellent only eaten young. It is important to have a huge variety of methods to prepare them......this is from my series of zucchini recipes.

Recipe? Cut the zucchini into slices, and fry them with some spring onions in a pan until they get nicely colored.
Then put Pecorino cheese on it, let it melt and eat.
This is one of the few cases were butter might be superior to Olive Oil.
Recommended Wines: Montefalco Rosso, Palaia
I tried with dish with Salviani wines (Turlò and Rosè). The Rosè no, it is difficult to pair with food, it is best as an aperitive at the swimming pool, ...or, no I could imagine i...

A classical not only for Umbria

A classical not only for Umbria

Dish: Lamb cutlet with string beans. As younger the beans are as better - and don't overcook them! With garlic, yes, olive oil, in this case butter is allowed :-)
The lamb is best from my local pecoraro, the wonderful Danilo Basili. "Unfortunately" for ecologically and economically reasons, the majority of newborn males cannot survive Easter, since humanity invented milk and cheese production from sheeps. I already booked my lamb for this year.
Stay tuned for more stories.

Aah: if your guests are really hungry, this pairs divinely with a potatoe gratin
Recommended Wines: Divina Villa Black Label, Nuricante Umbria Grechetto, Primo-Frascati Superiore DOCG 2013, Montefalco Rosso
This dish is not wine agnostic, but polyamorous.  Who does not like red wine, can have a structured white, maybe a bit oaked.  Nearly all good red wines will do, maybe you choose n...

Misticanza con Fegatelli

Misticanza con Fegatelli

Dish: Don't look to the glass of Rosè (Pinot Noir from Salviano Winery). It is an excellent wine, but it does not fit this dish.

"Misticanza con Fegatelli". You will not find Misticanza very often, it is a mixture of wild greens collecte in the fields, as many different there are as better it is!
As you find it not very often, I buy a lot when I can find it and then I have the processing problem :-).

Ok it will be boiled (not as gentle as in the case of Bieta o Ciccorione) in salted water, yes, yes salted water. Then the heavenly experience: I eat immediately some of the lukewarm Misticanza with the best Olive Oil I have on shelve. There is hardly something better.

The preparation on the picture is already from the next day. "Misticanza ripassata" in the Iron Wok with Garlic an Chilly peppers. I added a potato which was left lonely in the fridge.

Fegatelli you find more often, especially in Umbria. Pieces of pig liver surrounded by a fatty net with some Laurel. They are best panfried in an iron pan. I put some salt on the ground of the pan, but obviously no extra fat needed. After frying for 10 minutes, I chopped some spring onions into the pan. You see, they are not "well done". I don't like liver when it becomes too much cooked and hard.

Recommended Wines: Assisi Young
I opened the Rosè because I wanted to try with the hotness of the misticanza, but this Rosè was much too elegant and light.  A stronger Rosè might fit though. "Tili Young"  was a b...

2018-02-12 your gut feelings, but prepare to be surprised.... your gut feelings, but prepare to be surprised....

Dish: I had two dishes for dinner today. Bok Choy salad with potatoes and an anchovis garlic sauce, then a Sicilian noodles with Sicilian Broccoletti. The broccoletti were prepared in a classic way, boiled for some minutes, then "ripassata in Padella" with garlic and "peperoncini".

Recommended Wines: Salviano Orvieto Classico Superiore, Assisi Young
The wines in test were an Orvieto Classico from "Poggio Cavallo" and two San Giovese Umbri, the first an experimental one ...still not in vendita.. from Castello di Montegiove, the...

Pork chops with mushrooms and chestnuts

Pork chops with mushrooms and chestnuts

Dish: It is nearly November. Autumn is the time of Chestnuts.
I collected the Chestnuts from my own tree at Buon Respiro.

Mushrooms is more difficult, better to buy them :-), but mixed mushrooms for the forest are the best for this dish. I boil and clean the chestnuts, fry the mushrooms with some charlottes and mix then with the Chestnuts.

Porkchops are one of the risks in cooking life, at least in North Europe. Most of them are unfortunately lean and they get hard after having just touched the pan. I always try to get the fatter ones and here in Umbria it is possible. Several butchers here treat healthy pigs. This time I only stopped at COOP supermarket, so chop quality was soso.

Young green string beans, these were from Ascea in the south of Naples were another ideal veggie with the chops, mushrooms and chestnuts.

On the shells? a homemade sauce from dried tomatoes, but another story.

Recommended Wines: Martavello, Palaia
I tested in parallel Palaia and Martavello.  I preferred Palaia with the Chestnut/Mushroom mixture, but the Rosè came first when using the spicy tomatoe sauce on the cutlet.