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  • A good strong robust red wine! I had Rosso di Montefalco and was happy.

  • I drank Tili Young and it fitted well. Tili Young is strong but a bit spicy and youthfull.  I would not have a too noble red with this dish.

      I really can imagine a good structured white as the Nuricante. And obviously also my Martavello Swiss Knife would fit.

  • This place is situated at one of the most famous and beautiful squares of Orvieto. We ended up there, because it was the 2nd of May, all  on the Corso Restaurants were closed and Cecilia absolutely wanted to see the Rome Liverpool match.


    So I entered a place that looks like a Fast Food Place and into which I normally would not put my foot into,  Luckily I did.


  • ..everything too much,  except structure...

    I bought yesterday these low  level  (120 RMB/bottle) Australian wines in a supermarket in Guangzhou,  tasted various others from Chile and Australia in the last days.

    I don't want to be misunderstood: there are excellent wines from Chile and Australia  (and I encountered one from Chile last week in Singapore),  But most of the entry/low level wines from there exceed in  flavour and lack in structure.

  • Wine, I am trying "bag in box" from Palazzone, which is the most nobel producer around. I want to try if "bag in box" is an alternative to producing an empty bottle every day. Well, the red is very decent and pairs also with the cured meat, but I still would want something more expressive.

  • I tried with dish with Salviani wines (Turlò and Rosè). 

    The Rosè no, it is difficult to pair with food, it is best as an aperitive at the swimming pool, ...or, no I could imagine it with "vitello tonnato" or sea bass.

    In this case the Turlò fitted. I am re-evaluating anyway Salviano Turlò. It is a great Umbrian red.

  • This dish is not wine agnostic, but polyamorous.  Who does not like red wine, can have a structured white, maybe a bit oaked.  Nearly all good red wines will do, maybe you choose not the most tannic ones, because of the lamb.  Theoretically it looks like a Rosè could be good. But I had no fantasy to open a Rosè with the dish,   because of the stringbeans?


  • I went today to a winetasting in Orvieto, nella bottega......... They presented the winery "Paolo e Noemia d'Amico" of Vaiano. The winery is worthwhile to  look at for more than one reason. Very interesting place, vulcanic grounds in about 400 to 500 m altitude, that already is very promising, then they don't stick to autoctonous grapes, mostly they go for international/French grape varieties