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I am without any knowledge about French wines and still more about Burgundy wines.  So I took the opportunity to participation with tasting organized…
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WineSong Orvieto organized a vertical tasting of Sagrantino from Scacciadiavoli. Local producers and wine professionals tasted Sagrantino vintages…
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On November 16,   Winetasting at "11Roads" company in Guangzhou.  20 participants, 12 wines, 11 from Umbria and 1 Lambrusco. China is still a red…
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As in nearly any cultivation we observe a reduction in biodiversity in vineyards. In the second half of the 19th century, most European vineyards…
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Nixy MingleClub葡萄酒俱乐部 4月24日 Sangiovese on the vine
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Nixy汪纯 MingleClub葡萄酒俱乐部 4月24日
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I was so happy about the "bosco del pesce" only 1.5 km from my home. And there were good vibes, when Melinda was in the kitchen and her mother was…
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This place is situated at one of the most famous and beautiful squares of Orvieto. We ended up there, because it was the 2nd of May, all  on the…
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