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I was so happy about the bosco del pesce only 1.5 km from my home. And there were good vibes, when Melinda was in the kitchen and her mother was…
This place is situated at one of the most famous and beautiful squares of Orvieto. We ended up there, because it was the 2nd of May, all  on the…
al lavoro , arancino , pizza , trofie
..everything too much,  except structure...I bought yesterday these low  level  (120 RMB/bottle) Australian wines in a supermarket in Guangzhou, …
I went today to a winetasting in Orvieto, nella bottega......... They presented the winery "Paolo e Noemia d'Amico" of Vaiano. The winery is…
Wine Song Ltd and Creative Labe in Guangzhou City organized a wine tasting of 5 Wines, which were imported this year to China,
tastin wines , tasting wines
More than  50 importers, wine dealers and other interested parties participated at the Italian Wine Tasting in Guangzhou in July 2015
wine tasting guangzhou
The Mingleclub together with its Italian partner is tasting constantly new wines to cater for all different desires.   
Orvieto WIne Tasting