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France in Italy, but not really ;-)

I went today to a winetasting in Orvieto, nella bottega......... They presented the winery "Paolo e Noemia d'Amico" of Vaiano. The winery is worthwhile to  look at for more than one reason. Very interesting place, vulcanic grounds in about 400 to 500 m altitude, that already is very promising, then they don't stick to autoctonous grapes, mostly they go for international/French grape varieties

That night we tasted  an Orvieto DOC (with added Pinot Grigio), one Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon, 2 Chardonnay, 1 Merlot, Syrah Blend and a Pinot Noir..You can get the details about the wines at the D'Amico website.  The wines were presented by the super competent and nice Enologo of the Winery, a French guy.

The wines were all good, but I was empressed by the Orvieto (cannot be classico because outside the territory), but it had a combination of freshness (acidity) and minerality that made it special (comparable to "Le Vellette's Lunato).  It even survived the attack of an artichoke cream that was offered with the wines.

And then the "Wowww":  "Notturno dei Calanchi", an Umbrian Pinot Noir. Every wine expert would say, Central Italy is too hot for Pinot Noir, but at the slopes of the Umbrian Calanchi it produces something special: very structured, an explosion of red fruits, mineral and highly elegant tannins. A perfect Italian Pinot Noir adaptation. Unfortunately I understood that the shop price of the wine is  24 €, but....

I surely will pay a visit to the winery.


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